About Us

About Dev Clinic

Interventional Radiology has been described as the surgery of the new millennium. Dev clinic in Ahmedabad specialises in Interventional Neuroradiology and Peripheral Vascular Interventions. It is a centre for Endovascular treatment without surgery. Since its commencement in January 2016, Dev clinic focuses on delivering safe, effective, and compassionate care to all patients. Along with providing excellent patient care, its location in the centre of the city is an added advantage for accessibility to all the patients.

Dr. Milan Jolapara, who runs the clinic, performs a varied range of procedures. All procedures are image-guided minimally invasive treatments of certain medical and surgical conditions that once required open surgery. The greatest benefit of being associated with Dev clinic is that it offers a less-invasive alternative to surgery for several medical and surgical conditions. Dr. Milan is associated with most hospitals of Ahmedabad and the patient can choose his/her hospital according to their convenience for the procedure.


Dev Clinic provides utmost comfort and care to all its patients. Our clinic is well equipped to detect any anomalies/diseases and Dr. Milan makes sure that all our patients receive the best (and latest or advanced) care and treatment. We are committed to providing, clear, accurate and honest information about our treatments and the quality of care, so that patients can make well informed health care decisions.

Our Values

  • Put the needs of our patients first.
  • Treat all patients , visitors and each other with compassion and respect .
  • Provide high-quality care and service to all our patients.
  • Contribute to continuous improvement and excellence in everything we do.


Dev Clinic aims to be the best clinic in the nation for Interventional Neuroradiology and Peripheral Vascular Interventions. The Dev clinic team works together with one goal in mind – what is right for you. Apart from providing excellent (and latest or advanced) care and treatment, Dev Clinic strives to:

  • To help young radiologists to achieve the knowledge and skills to fulfil tomorrow’s requirements.
  • To extend and coordinate educational activities in radiology in the state.
  • To be a leader in providing quality care, education and training.
  • To be a leader in developing new ways to prevent and treat complex health care challenges.