Q1 What is brain tumour embolization?

Brain tumour embolization means blocking the blood vessels supplying highly vascular brain tumours.

Q2 What are indications for brain tumour embolization?

Indications for embolization of brain tumours are

Pre-operative embolization of Vascular tumours like
• Meningioma
• Hemangiopericytomas
• Glomus tumours, etc

Q3 What are advantages of preoperative embolization of brain tumours?

Advantages of embolization before surgery are

1. It helps to decrease surgical blood loss significantly.
2. It helps to decrease operative time significantly.
3. It provides blood-less operative field, so tumour can be excised or removed completely. Thus, it decreases residual and recurrence rates.

Q4 How brain tumour embolization is done?

Step 1: Example of meningioma. It is supplied by branches of Middle Meningeal Artery (MMA). Femoral artery is punctured and sheath is placed in femoral artery.

Then through it guiding catheter (blue) is placed into neck vessel.

Step 2: Microcatheter (yellow) is taken through guiding catheter (blue) in the branch of MMA supplying tumour.

Step 3: Tumour is embolized with Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) particles.

Step 4: Post-embolization MMA branches are blocked and tumour becomes avascular.

Step 5: Finally microcatheter, guiding catheter and sheath are removed.

CASE: 55yrs male with tentorial meningioma