Q1 What is Intracranial Angioplasty & Stenting (IAS)?

IAS means opening a narrowed/stenosed intracranial artery by balloon dilatation and placing a stent.

Q2 What are indications for CAS?

Indications of CAS are:
Recurrent TIAs and progressive stroke, after aggressive Medical management fails.

Q3 How IAS is done?

Step 1: Femoral artery is punctured and sheath is placed in femoral artery. Then through it guiding catheter is placed into neck vessel.
Step 2: Then stenosis is crossed with the wire.
Step 3: Stenosis is dilated with balloon.
Step 4: Stent is deployed across stenosis.
Step 5: Finally wire, guiding catheter and sheath are removed.

CASE: 50yrs male with Basilar Artery stenosis, C/O recurrent posterior circulation TIAs.